Customized Chevrolet Beat Car --- By Dilip Chhabria

Customized Beat Car --- by Dilip Chhabria
A brand new beat customized by Dilip Chhabria and gave a new sporty look from outside and grand luxury look inside the cockpit.
*A new desgined body-kit is fitted to the beat car which gives a sporty look
*Set of head lamp and set of tail lamp are changed and replaced with new customed head lamp and tail lamps sets. In the head set a pair of high quality xenon lights are fitted for brighter light and fog lamps are also changed.
*Spoiler is fitted on the tail top has it looks sporty for the car.
*5-Twin Spoke light weight alloy wheels are replaced and a low-profile tiers.Inside the Cockpit of beat*Steering is replaced a new designed steering with lcd display on it.*Multi-functional LCD screen meter is added.
*Dashboard is replaced with a new customed Designer dash-board, And it contains two high quality speakers fitted on each end of the dash-board,bluetooth,cd-player and climate control and may more.....!
*Seating’s inside the cockpit are of high quality and designed as high comfort. They have made more spacious inside the cockpit. The interior color is matches the color of the car. This is a complete Sports car now.....

Customized Chevrolet Beat Car --by Dilip Chhabria 01

Customized Chevrolet Beat Car --by Dilip Chhabria 02

Customized Chevrolet Beat Car --by Dilip Chhabria 03


Plzz tell me mr.chabbria where can i get my chevy beat modified in kolkata .
please tell me my email id is

What would DC tell u man this is not the Modified BEAT its the original BEAT that was used in TRANSFORMERS :)


the pic shown above is not the customized version of Chevy beat by DC.this is chevy concept car launched in US in 20010.Anyone can check it in internet.

Sir pls mail me the price details for modification of Chevrolet beat..
And pls let me know that u modify only new cars or even used cars..
My mail id is ''

It's a chevy concept car launched in US in 2010. Don't know why DC claims that it's his concept.

This is a concept of new Chevrolet beat. If we compare it with its previous version, we will see its interior design is far better than previous old. And it would be great, if GM launch the same concept.

In Ahmedabad dc claims that beat concept is originally designed by dc. Originally its the 3rd generation model of spark developed by daewoo motors. In India we know 2nd generation model as SPARK (based on matiz) and 3rd gen model as BEAT ( NEW spark) .

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