Dilip Chhabria has selected Volvo B9R Multi-axle , Which is has more spacious bus and extra-power with latest features.
DC has up-graded this Volvo B9R into luxurious Bus & named has DC Luxuria Bus.

The interior of bus has been changed total
*Canopy of the interior bus has been changed , some LED-light and High quality-speakers are fitted to the canopy .
*Luggage case above the seats is designed with High-quality material and attractive color.
*Seating in the DC Luxuria Bus are bucket seating which are comfortable and luxurious. The seats are adjustable according to the comfort, Which you operate through the buttons on the left side of the seat which are electronically controlled settings. High graded leather is used in the seating's of DC Luxuria Bus.
*Fold able table with glass stand which are electronically controlled.

*Entertainment :- 10" Inch LCD displays right in front of the front of the seats with satellite T.V includes 2500+channels mounted on the rear top of the bus.
*Satellite phone in bus for emergence use, latest navigation system,the full bus is centralized with air condition [A/C] in the bus, inbuilt refrigerator & inverter for emergence usage.
*Inbuilt Toilet facility

*The front body design of the bus has been changed and gave it new designed look.
*A pair latest designed with high quality head lamp in the front & with tail-lamps at the rear.

Finally the DC Design LUXURIA-BUS is equal to Jet-Plane which move on the Indian Roads.
This bus is being used by Blue Hill pvt. in INDIA

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what is the cost for these whole set up?

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How much the overall Set-up Price....................That's not matter If u r Interested then reply me Because of price every time people got hesitate to enquiry or be knowledgeable....
I'll let u about DC Luxuria............. Which is the Rolls Royse of the Buses..

Cost of bus + modification charges

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