Arriner Supercar Revealed [Photos, Specs & Video]

Arriner Supercar Specification
The Polish company has revealed Arriner Super, The original Sketch of this Super car was sketched in 2008.
This Arriner Super car is very similar to Lamborghini Murcielago.

Arriner Supercar is boosted with an powerful 6.2-liters V-8 engine with a impressive output of 638Hp Horsepower and a 819 Nm [604 lb-ft] of torque.

Features :
*Light-weight Chassis, being manufactured as a high strength steel tulbular construction combined with carbon-fiber and aluminum elements.
*The body of this Super car is manufactured from carbon-fiber and Kevlar composites for rigidity and light weight without compromising safety.
*Ceramic Brakes
*Thermal Imaging Camera
This Camera covers 100-meters ahead road and locates the Human or animal on the screen, By the temperature higher than environment (human or an animal) detects and displays on the screen.

Alloy-Wheels and Tiers
Large diameter light weight alloy-wheels and Ultra low-profile tiers for ultimate grip & control.
Front : 225/30 R19
Rear : 335/30 R20

Arriner Supercar Launch VIDEO

Arriner Supercar Road Testing : VEDIO

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Arriner Supercar : PHOTO GALLERY

Arriner Supercar Cockpit


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