Kia to Unveil V8 RWD Sports Concept Car

Kia to Unveil V8 RWD Sports Concept Car
Kia Motor to unveil a new V8 RWD [Rear-Wheel-Drive] Sports Concept Car at the upcoming Frankfurt International Auto Show held in this coming September,It is held biennially in Frankfurt, Germany.

Kia's , HANK LEE recently spoke to What car?
And he confirmed that Kia needs a Halo model to improve its Kia brand Image. The RWD [rear-wheel-drive] is the first series of concept car.

The V8 RWD Sports Concept will be based on the rear-wheel-drive Kia sedan that is set to be released in early 2012. And Kia is expecting to release another concept car based on the same platform at the 2012 Detroit International Auto Show this coming January. The production version of the coupe is expected in 2015.

Its also rumored that the Kia to be working on a new Mazda MX-5 rival and in addition to a model to go head to head with the VW GTI.

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